Production Plant

Since its establishment in 2003, Alliance Designer Products maintains it’s sole mission to offer quality products, designed and formulated to answer all of your hardscaping needs. Contractors, dealers and manufacturers alike recognize the value of Alliance Designer Products, thus making us proud to proclaim that Quality Is Our Strength!

Indeed, Alliance Designer Products offers an exhaustive range of hardscape products and is considered to be a leading force in the industry.

  • Polymeric sand and dust products: Super Sand, Gator Maxx, Gator Tile and Gator Dust. Alliance is the first to offer a 15 year warranty.
  • Cleaners and sealers: a full line of innovative products to protect and add value to any hardscape investment.
  • Gator Edge Rigid and Flex: the most effective lateral support for any paver, slab or natural stone surfaces.
  • Binding agents: Gator Block Bond glues, Gator Rock Bond and Gator Stone Bond.
  • Gator Base: the evolution in base technology, saving you time, labor and money.
  • Gator Tile system: Alliance Designer Products has answered a growing demand for the installation of the exterior porcelain tile. The creation of the Gator Tile System allows for installing porcelain tile directly on top of Gator Base using the Gator Spacer in order to provide uniform spacing with unparalleled stability. The Gator Block Bond XP adhesive will be used to glue the tile to the Gator Spacer and ensure the locking of all units to the four corners of the Gator Spacer. Fastening Gator Edge with the Gator Base Screw through the Gator Base reinforces the outside perimeter, creating a strong lateral support. The Gator Tile System is the unique solution for all tile installations.

Alliance Designer Products are sold in Canada, the United States and Europe.
At Alliance, Quality is our Strength and our Mission!