Gator Block Bond XP<br>Polyurethane Adhesive, Low VOC

Gator Block Bond XP
Polyurethane Adhesive, Low VOC

Xtra Performance
Polyurethane Adhesive


GATOR BLOCK BOND XP POLYURETHANE ADHESIVE, LOW VOC is one of the strongest polyurethane adhesives on the market. It is specially formulated for overlays, pool copings, steps and wall caps, concrete pavers, wet cast, natural stones, retaining walls, masonry units and bricks.
GATOR BLOCK BOND XP POLYURETHANE ADHESIVE, LOW VOC is formulated to provide a permanent bond in 24 hours to the above materials if properly installed.

For Use On

  • Overlays and pool copings
  • Steps and wall caps
  • Fire pits (up to 400°F (204°C))
  • Concrete pavers and bricks
  • Dry and damp surfaces
  • Retaining walls
  • Masonry Units
  • Wetcast and natural stones


Property Value
Working open time Up to 1hr
Low Odor Replaces solvent-based adhesives; safe to use indoors or out; no odor complaints
Strong and Versatile Permanently bonds together almost anything
High Solids Provides excellent coverage

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
VOC compliant Environmentally friendly
Low odor Replaces solvent-based adhesives; safe to use indoors or out;no odor complaints
Strong and versatile Permanently bonds together almost anything
High solids Provides excellent coverage
Non-shrinking Does not crack or lose bond
High strength Stronger than many substrates it joins together; up to 3 times the strength of conventional adhesives
Fast curing Provides permanent overnight bond
Long open time Offers flexibility in repositioning; user friendly
Broad service temperature range Suitable for use in hot and cold environments

Application & Instructions

Method of application of Gator Block Bond XP Polyurethane Adhesive

Surfaces must be structurally sound, dry, clean, and free of dirt, moisture, loose particles, oil, grease, asphalt, tar, paint, wax, rust, waterproofing or curing and parting compounds, and membrane materials.


  1. Make sure that the surfaces you are bonding together are clean.
  2. Cut the spout and puncture a hole in the cartridge with a nail.
  3. Using a caulking gun, apply GATOR BLOCK BOND ADHESIVE on the clean surfaces.
  4. Join the two surfaces firmly, use twisting motion.


    GATOR BLOCK BOND ADHESIVE works at above-freezing temperatures. Material may be repositioned for up to 30 minutes without losing bond strength. Moisture will shorten the open time of polyurethane adhesives. Avoid use when raining or onto standing water.


    Gator Block Bond XP Polyurethane Low VOC Adhesive forms a tenacious bond overnight. Drying times vary depending on factors such as humidity, porosity, temperature and materials bonded together.


    Clean all tools and equipment immediately after use with a dry cloth; Cured material must be mechanically removed.


    Gator Block Bond XP Polyurethane Low VOC Adhesive is a high-solids polyurethane elastomer that cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture.


    Concrete to concrete
    850 psi in 24 hours
    1000 psi in 7 days



10 oz / 296 ml 28 oz / 828 ml
m ft m ft
~9 ~31 ~26 ~86


Products Retail Size Cartridges/Box Boxes/Pallet Units
Gator Block Bond 10 oz / 296 ml 12 90 1080
Gator Block Bond 28 oz / 828 ml 12 60 720

Store in unopened containers in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. Storing at elevated temperatures will reduce shelf life. GATOR XP POLYURETHANE ADHESIVE remains flexible even when stored at freezing temperatures.

1 year when properly stored

Limited warranty

Alliance Designer Products inc. cannot guarantee results as it has no control over surface and sub-surface preparation and product application. Alliance Designer Products inc. agrees that, if the product is proven to be defective, and on the condition that it was installed pursuant to the method of application of surface and sub-surface preparation described above, then Alliance Designer Products inc. agrees to refund the purchase price. Proof of purchase is required for any claim. EXCLUSION OF RESPONSIBILITY THE PARTIES AGREE THAT REFUND OF THE PURCHASE PRICE AS STATED IS THE ONLY OBLIGATION OF ALLIANCE DESIGNER PRODUCTS INC. IN ALL EVENTS, ALLIANCE DESIGNER PRODUCTS INC., SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY OTHER DAMAGES OR COSTS, DIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, ALLIANCE DESIGNER PRODUCTS INC., EXCLUDES ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF QUALITY, MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PURPOSE.