“We can get a lot more done in half the time.”

With 33 years of experience under his belt from owning and working at Floraval Landscaping in Laval, Quebec, Frank Canzeri has seen it all. So, we asked him to try using Alliance’s Gator Base system for installing pavers and natural stone. Since then, he’s begun using it for his customers’ projects and he’s going to continue doing so. “We did patios, we did walkways, we did around the pool… Sometimes, we have too much work, and with this, the jobs get done faster and for less money. And they turn out very, very well.

Gator Base can let you avoid using tons of crushed stone as well as saving you time and money by cutting the necessary excavation and labour in half. “For a 14×14 ft. patio, it’s really perfect, that’s one day’s work with the Gator Base. Honestly, we save a day of work.” says Frank. “With the labour and everything, we’re saving about $2.00 to $2.50 per square foot.”

“What did I do with the time I saved? I don’t know—I went to the bar!” Frank said, laughing. “But really, we get to start the next job earlier.”

Gator Base panels are made from a light-weight, high-density polypropylene and designed for pedestrian areas. They won’t collect water or degrade in the ground and are excellent for a variety of projects. Frank himself, has already used it on at least four different job sites. “I’ve done 14×14′ patios, and pathways. And every project I’ve used it for hasn’t worn down. Two winters have come and gone since I installed those jobs and they’re still top notch, honestly, they’re still perfect.”

This easy-to-install system eliminates several steps from the traditional method of installing pavers and makes the whole process quicker, cleaner and easier for contractors. “First of all, instead of excavating ten inches, we dig just five inches. And then it’s really simple, level it out, put the geotextile, an inch of sand, pass the plate compactor, and then the Gator Base. Once that’s done we install the pavers and the job is already done.” explains Frank.

By reducing the amount of material necessary for the job and replacing loads of heavy stone with the light-weight Gator Base panels, you’ll save money on transportation costs and difficult to access job sites become easier to manage. Frank insists that for a landscaper, “No matter what, you have to get the job done. And sometimes, you have a yard where there isn’t enough space to bring in your tractor. [Installing Gator Base] is something that you can do by hand, because you only have to excavate five inches. Just removing the grass, that’s three inches right there.”

Ultimately, by using the Gator Base system, you can save yourself time, effort and headaches, while increasing your profit margins. “With the time saved, we can go and get more jobs. With the same employees that we have, we can get a lot more done in half the time,” says Frank. “I’ll be using it again for sure.”