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Rapid Set Technology
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Nitro Joint Sand
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Established in 2003

We, at Alliance Designer Products, maintain our primary mission to offer quality products designed and formulated to answer all of your hardscaping needs. Contractors, dealers and manufacturers alike recognize the value of Alliance Designer Products, thus making us proud to proclaim that Quality Is Our Strength!

Gator Jointing Material:
Polymeric Sands, Dust and others

Alliance polymeric jointing sand and dust material are a unique calibrated mixture of sand and binders. The installation methods for the polymeric sands and Nitro Joint Sand mix are almost identical to regular paver joint sand except for the application of water.

Gator Base

Gator Base is an evolution of foundation technology. A single panel is equivalent to 130 kg (288 lb) of crushed stone, saving you a minimum of 6″ (15 cm) of additional excavation.

Gator Grids and Fabrics

The Gator Fabric geotextiles offer 5 mains functions: separation, reinforcement, filtration, protection, and drainage for any foundation of a hardscape project. As for Gator Grid, the biaxial geogrid, it provides high tensile strength, stability, load transfer and soil separation to any structure.

Gator Edges
and Fasteners

Alliance offers an array of edging and accessories for all paver, stone and tile applications. Gator Edges will ensure a strong lateral support for any project.

Gator Paver
and Stone Cleaners

Remove any stains from concrete pavers, wet cast products and natural stones.

Gator Paver
and Stone Sealers

Alliance offers a wide range of sealers for concrete pavers, wet cast products and natural stones. Gator sealers reduce oil and dirt penetration, as well as protect the surface from corrosion caused by de-icing salt.

Gator Binding Agents

Alliance offers an array of binding agents suitable for any hardscape project such as adhesives for concrete blocks, pathway sand stabilizers as well as a liquid binding agent for decorative rocks.

Gator Tile System

The best innovative system for porcelain tile installations.

Gator U Education

In this section we will find all seminars, courses, capsules created over the last season and this coming season.
Trade shows. Educational classes and seminars. Hands-on training and demos for contractors. No matter what your style for learning is, we have loaded up our events calendar with options!


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