Gator GRID GG 50-50



3420 LBF/FT (49,590 kg/s²)

Industry’s easiest-to-use geo-grid, with improved flexibility;
stays 100% flat when unrolled like no other on the market!



Method of installation of GATOR GRID GG 50-50 (3420 lbf/ft) for soil stabilization and added stability.

Anchor and stretch GATOR GRID GG 50-50 before installing the next layer of aggregate and block.

The soil composition may vary from location to location. Global stability of the soil has not been considered. It is the owner’s responsibility to take into consideration the soil parameters indicated on the label and to ensure that the soil’s properties meet construction standards. A soil analysis must be done before starting any wall project. Before the construction of your segmental wall and before using any type of Gator Grid and establishing the placement, consult a qualified local engineer and obtain a stamped plan. To ensure the structural integrity of your segmental retaining wall, follow manufacturer instructions and installation steps for the construction of your wall. These placement tables are not to be used on multi-tiered walls or in areas with excess water runoff, seepage or springs, unless first otherwise confirmed by a qualified local engineer. Additional Gator Grid than what appears on the label may be required in your application. This document should not be construed as engineering advice. We assume no liability of any kind if the instructions in the present disclaimer are not followed or if the owner’s use of the product is different than the one for which it is intended.