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As an award-winning business, that specializes in high-end residential projects,
J&L Premier Landscaping of Alden, New York, has been around for nearly 20 years and is no stranger to working with paving stones.

“Probably 60% of what we do is some type of stonework—either precast or natural stone,” says John Mallia Jr., owner and president of J&L.

After being introduced to the Alliance Gator Base, John decided to give the product a try, “at that point, no one had used it yet in our area; we were the first ones.”

With the contract in hand for a 750 sq. ft. patio and backyard that only provided limited access to the job site, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out the new product. “We could only get through between the house and the fence. […] Basically it sits right on a ledge, right on the side of a creek. And we had to go down about 5 to 6 steps in order to get to the base of the project” explained Mallia.

With limited space, it can become difficult to transport all of the material that is needed for a job onto the worksite. That’s why with the lightweight Gator Base panels replacing five inches of crushed stone, it becomes much easier to get everything you need through the tight spaces that might separate you from your work site. “Well, mainly you’re not bringing all of the crusher run. So, we’re not bringing in a lot of stone for underneath the base.”

The Gator Base will save you from the backbreaking labor involved in transporting, spreading and compacting tons of gravel and replaces it with the easy-to-install panels that take minutes to put in place. “You had one of your representatives down there, he kind of gave us a little bit of a heads up on how to install it, and basically after about 10 or 15 minutes, he realized that he wasn’t really needed, we’d pretty much picked it up and away we went.”

The fact that the product is so easy to install and that it also eliminates the work involved with that extra five inches of crushed stone, means that you will be able to install these jobs quicker and easier than ever before. Mallia explained that on this 750 sq. ft. project “we probably saved ourselves a couple days of labor. Probably two days of labor with a three-man crew, so, about 54 man-hours.”

“What you have to realize is that if it saves you time, you’re more productive as far as doing another job and getting to the next one. It weighs out with the labor, but you know, we have to get in as many jobs as we can in the matter of a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year, whatever. And so I can see where this could definitely be beneficial. […] I would definitely consider using it again, especially if we had a tight area to work.”

When he was asked about what his thoughts were on the experience after have used the product, Mallia said, “you know, I think it was a pretty cool product to use and I’ve got a feeling too, that it’s also going to be better as far as weed control and drainage. You know, I like that aspect of it so I’m looking forward to seeing how that works.”

On top of being a satisfied user of the Gator Base, Mallia has been a proud user of some of Alliance’s other products for years, “I have used the polymeric sand; we’ve used it for a long time. We like it.”

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